• Access toáthe stalls and amphitheatre isástrictly forbidden after the third bell.
  • Latecomers must sit where advised toádoásoábyáaámember ofástaff. They may take their seat during the interval.
  • Age restrictions for each performance are indicated onáposters and tickets. Before the start ofáthe performance, there will beáanáannouncement reminding the audience ofáthe recommended viewing age.
    Byápurchasing aáticket, patrons agree toáabide byáthe age restrictions and instructions onátickets and posters.
    The theatre does not take responsibility for any infringement ofáthese regulations byápatrons.
  • All coats, hats, bags, rucksacks, umbrellas, flowers, and balloons must beáhanded ináatáthe cloakroom.
  • Children aged five years and over may attend evening performances, ifáaccompanied byáanáadult.
  • Entry toáthe theatre will only beápermitted onápresentation ofáaáticket, regardless ofáthe patronĺs age.
  • The start time ofáthe performance isáshown onáthe tickets. Admission toáthe auditorium begins 30áminutes before the start ofáthe performance.
  • The following isástrictly prohibited atáthe Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre:

    - Entering the auditorium wearing coats or carrying food and drinks

    - Using photo, video, or sound recording equipment

    - Taking pets into the theatre

  • Patrons must turn off their mobile phones during the performance.
  • Patrons must treat theatre property with respect, and abide byáthe fire safety instructions and regulations. Ináthe event ofáanáemergency and the activation ofáthe fire alarm, patrons must follow the instructions ofátheatre staff.
  • Patrons must behave respectfully towards others atáthe theatre, and refrain from causing disturbances oráannoying other guests.
  • Ináthe hour leading upátoáaáperformance, the only tickets onásale will beátickets toáthat performance.
  • Ináthe event that the scheduled performance isáreplaced byáaádifferent one, any tickets already purchased shall beádeemed toábeávalid.