Grand stage

STARRING Anastasia Turchina, Mikhail Nedelsky, Conductor Evgeny Volynsky


ballet in three acts
music by Léo Delibes
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Original libretto by Charles-Louis-Étienne Nuitter and Arthur Saint-Léon. The story after the original libretto is created by Gleb Filshtinsky, Viacheslav Okunev and Mikhail Messerer. The performance includes excerpts and patterns of choreography by Arthur Saint-Léon, Marius Petipa, Enrico Cecchetti, Alexandre Gorsky.

Rendition and production: Mikhail Messerer

Musical director and conductor: Pavel Sorokin
Scenery and costumes: Viacheslav Okunev
Multimedia, video concept: Gleb Filshtinsky
Lighting: Denis Solntsev
Video content: Show Consulting studio, Saint-Petersburg  
Chief video designer with Show Consulting studio: Sergei Nikolaev
Assistant ballet master-producer: Anna Razenko, Evgeniy Popov
Ballet tutors: Evgeniy Grashchenko, Vladimir Grigoriev, Nina Furaleva, Galina Sedova, Anastasia Lifentseva, Victoria Ryazhenova

2 hours 20 minutes

two intervals

Premiered on 22 September 2018

Leo Délibes Coppélia hasnt lost any of its relevance through the last 150 years. Creators of the libretto ballet masters Charles-Louis-Étienne Nuitter and Arthur Saint-Léon used E. T. A. Hoffmanns Der Sandmann novel as a basis for the plot; it tells of a young man, who fell in love with a mechanical doll, created by an ingenious master Coppélius.

Production team for this performance is represented by the same people, who provided the Novosibirsk audience with the magical Cinderella ballet: ballet master-producer Mikhail Messerer, designers Viacheslav Okunev and Gleb Filshtinsky. This time around the production team came up with an exquisite comedy about quarrel and reconciliation between two in love; main character, mischievous Swanhilda finds a witty way to teach her cheating bridegroom a lesson

As it was with Cinderella ballet well loved by the Novosibirsk audience, the new Coppélia is featured with multimedia scenery along with traditional one; the performance also includes using of video projection and expressive lighting. Coppélia contains Leo Délibes beautiful music, brilliant dance items, amusing love story, kind humor and funny playful moments, which will positively be loved by the youngest NOVAT audience.

Choreographer Mikhail Messerer told that in his new work he used classical Coppélia renditions with patterns of performances by Arthur Saint-Léon, Marius Petipa, Alexandre Gorsky: Classical ballet literature contains only a few comedy ballets, and Coppélia is one of the most important. Nowadays the world is thirsty for classical ballets containing intricate finger technique of the female part and masterful male dance, which is exactly the case of this cheerful, merry ballet. Coppélia is not only the perfect example of pure classical choreography, but also a family performance. This kind of ballet performances sounds relevant and up to date; they need to be on much for the audiences delight.