Large hall


Ilia Golovchenko
Nikolay Maltsev


One-act ballet set to music from the suite Aguas da Amazonia by Philip Glass
Choreography: Edwaard Liang
Staging and Lighting: Edwaard Liang

Golden Mask
Best Ballet Production

20 minutes

Première of the production: 24 May 2007

The ballet is performed to a recording

Performed on tour to Bangkok, Thailand (2010), Astana, Kazakhstan (2014)

The production was a nominee to the Golden Mask National Theatre Festival in 2008

“The ballet was created in the time, when I was interested in the ancient mythology, when I was reading on different cults, spirits and other things of that kind... I learned different concepts of how the spirits, surrounding people, influence their life: protect, guide, support. These can be guardian angels or supernatural spirits... In many cultures, there are occult powers that guide people, and I was fully absorbed by the atmosphere, when I started working on Whispers. Speaking of Pas de deux, it was based on my vision of the legend of Orpheus. The main character has no idea, how his beloved looks like, it’s impossible as he is blind and her image is only what he feels.
My ballet is about people, who live in the darkness, guided only by the sounds of the world around, that whisper to them, support them, protect them. That’s why I called my ballet Whispers in the Dark.”
Edwaard Liang