Peer Gynt: the Restless Hero

January 22, 2017

NOVAT has launched the work on Peer Gynt ballet put on worldwide-popular Edvard Griegs music and based on a dramatic poem by Henrik Ibsen. Story of ambivalence of a hero, who in search for himself travels on the edge between fantasy and reality, will be staged by one of the leading modern European choreographers Edward Clug.

This is contemporary European choreography - something between dance and drama, - says the artistic director of ballet company Denis Matvienko, who already performed the part of Peer Gynt at the Dance Open international festival, where the production attracted a real interest of the audience whose impressions ranged from bewilderment to enthusiasm . We are striving for maximum naturalness of every element, that's what makes the production so complicated.

Edward Clug has offered his own conception of the story of the restless hero. Accepting his weaknesses and draw-backs, the choreographer sends Peer Gynt on a journey through real and fantasy worlds, chronologically based on the plot of Ibsens story. Musical groundwork of the production is Edvard Griegs Peer Gynt suite, but for completeness of the plot the director also enriched it with fragments of some other pieces by the composer. Deep music by Grieg full of Nordic romantics is the most important component of the production, while striving for naturalness finds reflection in minimalistic set design and markedly plain costumes.

The main advantage of this production is that it does not leave the audience indifferent and causes a vivid emotional response, - says Denis Matvienko, - Professionalism of our dancers obligates us to perform such productions along with classical performances.