Anastasiya Lepeshinskaya: Im looking forward to Aida!

October 10, 2017

Mezzo-soprano singer Anastasiya Lepeshinskaya, soloist of the Kolobov Novaya Opera theatre of Moscow, winner of international competitions will perform for the first time the Amneris part of Verdis Aida on 11th October at NOVAT the performance is directed by Vyacheslav Starodubtsev.

On the eve of her debut Anastasiya stated: I am looking forward to Aida. Its an unusual and very interesting production, the cast is strong. This means a lot of new artistic acquaintances.

Anastasiya Lepeshinskaya is familiar to the Novosibirsk audience by her appearance in Bizets Carmen in June 2017, she performed the leading part on NOVATs main stage: I keep warm memories about my previous time in Novosibirsk. At first I was impressed by the extent of the stage and the auditorium, I was even scared. During the rehearsal with the orchestra I had to get used to these sizes, but during the performance I felt like home, singing came easy. I am grateful to all my stage and orchestra associates it was pleasure performing with you.

After her first performance of Carmen the critics called Anastasiya one of the most remarkable and charismatic young Russian female singers. The Novosibirsk audience will have an opportunity to see Anastasiya Lepeshinskaya perform a tameless gypsy Carmen on 27th October and 26th November.

Im looking forward to meet again the hospital city of Novosibirsk told Anastasiya the local audience impressed me with its sympathy and warm welcoming.