Spartacus ballet: radiance of the courtesans and beauty of the heroines

June 12, 2017

Two versions of Aram Khachaturyans ballet about servile revolt led by Spartacus are to be performed at NOVAT till the end of the season. Despite the common music material, Yury Grigorovichs epic heroic production with deep dramatic and psychological tense differs a lot from Georgy Kovtuns performance describing more the circumstances of that age and the ways of the Roman Empire. This is especially remarkable when you start to compare the main female characters of the two Spartacus renditions.

Fidelity and self-sacrifice keep being the main features of character of Spartacuss love both in Grigorovichs and Kovtuns versions tells Kseniya Zakharova, soloist of NOVATs ballet company, performing Phrygia in both productions but they have their differences, perhaps not so remarkable for the audience.

The young ballerina is convinced her heroine in Grigorovichs rendition has a very deep personality. Being all tender and fragile this woman has a strong backbone, shes ready to fight to the end stated Kseniya Zakharova I had to work hard for that part, since Grigorovichs version is well-known and loved around the world, one would notice any possible flaw. However, Kovtuns version is full of different balance-based spectacular moments, it leaves you more freedom.

Anna Germizeeve, playing the seductive Aegina in both productions, is convinced that Yury Grigorovichs ballet is a high quality classic, while Kovtuns version is filled with a number of complicated stunts. For me personally, Kovtuns Aegina and Grigorovichs Aegima are completely different characters, not only in style, but also in temper states the ballerina Aegina of Grigorovichs rendition feels more royal and aristocratic then in Kovtuns performance where she is presented more laid-back.

The NOVAT soloist stressed out that she is more familiar with roles like Juliette and Giselle. But sometimes directors see me as a femme fatale tells Anna Germizeeva tough I dont have much in common with Aegina, I have to look inside and create a credible impression.

The next Spartacus performances in Georgy Kovtuns rendition will be staged 13, 14, 15 June.

The legendary ballet performance by Yury Grigorovich will be shown at NOVAT on 3rd and 4th July.

Tickets are available on the website and at the theatre box office.