Advertent Glance of a Choreographer

October 19, 2016

An outstanding contemporary choreographer Nacho Duato came to Novosibirsk: the premiere of The Sleeping Beauty ballet is being prepared under his direction.

The name of the maitre of modern choreography is well-known all over the world nowadays. Born in Spain, he became a real citizen of the world: studied in London, Brussels and New York, danced in Nederlands Dans Theater. There, with the blessing of Jiří Kylián, he staged his first ballet productions. They drew attention of critics who started talking about the birth of a new choreographer with his own original style. A long period of Nacho Duato's life is connected with the National Dance Theatre of Spain. He headed that company for 20 years, formed its individual image and managed to turn it into one of the leading companies of the world.

Further on, there was a "Russian period" in Duato's creative activities; in 2011-2014 while being an artistic director of Mikhailovsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, he continued on staging plot-free ballets inspired by music and full of associations, but also turned to classics. After that his original versions of Tchaikovskys ballets Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker were presented to public. Currently Nacho Duato is an artistic director of Staatsballet Berlin. For his merits in the field of arts Nacho Duato was awarded Gold Medal of the Government of Spain, French Order of Arts and Literature. Among his numerous awards there is the so-called ballet Oscar- Benois de la Dance Premium award.

Musicality, perfect taste and fine style are the main peculiarities of Duatos work. Music, according to the choreographers words, inspires and prompts the form, image and even fragrances, embodied in his choreography. He also finds inspiration in painting, trying to strike fine balance of light and colour, cohesiveness of arrangement and precision of proportions. Fluidity of choreographic forms is a kind of a reflection of escaping moments, suddenness of air flows is cooled by understatement, a transparent fleur of disarray is thrown on internal consent , - critics characterize his signature style.

Ballet Company of NOVAT is preparing the premiere of The Sleeping Beauty under the guidance of a choreographer, whose productions are being performed in theatres of Berlin, Madrid, Tokyo, New York, Prague, London, St. Petersburg.