Denis Matvienko: Emotions will go off scale

March 12, 2017

Recently, we had a meeting with the audience, as a part of educational project Open Dialogues. The director of NOVATs ballet company, Ukranian national artist Denis Matvienko took part in it. The main topic of the discussion was the upcoming premiere of Edward Klugs Peer Gynt. The Slovenian choreographer proposed a version of Henrik Ibsens play, made on the edge, where drama meets ballet. New plastic drama or wordless theatre is actively seizes the main stages of Russia and Europe. Denis Matvienko, the director of the NOVATs ballet company, who plays the main character of the play, reckons, that this performance will reflect precisely whats on the mind of the modern European choreography:

Novosibirsk is a theatre city; the audience here cares about artistic life. And we must have different performances in our repertoire. They dont have to be numerous, but they must satisfy different needs of the audience.

Peer Gynt is created in modern european style, and I accept, that some might not like it. Ive been working with Edward Klug for 12 years, and I can tell, his choreography is quite different from the classical one, and his works leave no indifferent spectators.

Id call this type of performance a dramatic ballet. Edward Klug highlights the acting part of the performance, though the choreography is very interesting, but theres few of it. Its a full time two act ballet performance with a solid plot that tells you a story of one man. The producer even asked to make less grease-paint to emphasize the natural look: all costumes are made of organic fabric, the stumps are real pieces of wood, 20kg each, and we dance with them. We only have the dummy axe. The performance has very beautiful lighting. The trolls are really scary in the hole of the mountain king.

Our performance is really close to Ibsens play. Sometimes you get a feeling that the original story is told word to word. But I strongly recommend you to read the actual play before coming to the performance. The core of the story is the following: the protagonist is searching for something his whole life, trying to hunt down the magic white deer, but in the end of his life he realizes, that his destiny was not out there.

I assume, this performance will be interesting to the audience of all ages everyone, who survived the loss of a relative, who ever experienced the soul rush. Some scenes of the performance are so realistic, they can blow your mind. But thats why people come to the theatre to feel the real emotions, to live what they see. Choreographers, dancers, musicians we all aim to raise your emotions, to summon the emotional response. And Im sure, while watching Peer Gynt, emotions of the audience will go off scale!

The premiere performances of Peer Gynt will be March 17 at 19.00 and March 18 at 13.00 and 19.00. Ticket are available at the box office of the theatre.