Ivan Gyngazov the troubadour of Syria at war

July 03, 2017

Ivan Gyngazov, the soloist of the Novosibirsk opera company has debuted at the Moscow theatre Helikon Opera, where he performed Manrico of Verdis opera Il Trovatore. Dritry Bertman moved the action into Syria stuck in civil war and along with the performance of the Novosibirsk tenor the whole production was well received by the Moscow audience.

Art, the internet media source wrote:Ivan Gyngazov has become the catch of the event. His protagonist is passionate, hot blooded as a young man, fiery and full of love. The impression he created is filled with mischievous temper, courage, tender lyricism and hidden dramatic tension, active only at wild, critical moments."

Ivan Gyngazov admitted that the new performance produced by the director Dmitry Bertman and the Spanish conductor Oliver Diaz had become a real school.

The production of Il Trovatore at Helikon-Opera came out to be very modern and spectacular: Dmitry Bertman updated Verdis highly dramatic opera with some allusions to actual civil conflicts on the Middle East. Manricos part was not difficult at all to me, for I am familiar with the matter, but the dramatic aspect of the role required certain effort. It was very helpful, that we made a fine ensemble with the soloist of Helikon-Opera and the Moscow audience received it well.

Watch a photo report on the Il Trovatore premiere at Helikon-Opera featuring Ivan Gyngazov. Photos are taken from the theatre website.