Choreographer of tragedies and farces

April 10, 2017

The plastique for the new Pagliacci performance in NOVAT is designed by a famous dancer and choreographer Gali Abaidulov, known for his works in numerous TV shows. Trained by a legendary couple of Ekaterina Maximova and Vladimir Vasilyev, he participated in some of their ballet movies and now he is trying to find a kind of plastique solution for the upcoming performance that would perfectly fit the high emotional degree of Leoncavallos opera.

The title Pagliacci gives us full information a del arte comedy, which means fever pitch, expressed in body motion. notes Gali Abaidulov classical opera vocal mixed with del arte comedy plastique it just has to turn into a very interesting story.

According to Abaidulov, Pagliacci is interesting to watch mainly because the actor plays not only a person, but a comedy actor at the same time. This is a tough challenge, but also an excellent opportunity for an artist to unlock his potential notes the choreographer the audience always likes to see a known actor star in a different genre. Although, what I would consider an achievement is if the audience does not recognize a well known actor in our performance.

Gali Abaidulov graduated from St.-Petersburg choreography school (currently a Vaganova Russian Ballet Academy), and became famous in the Soviet Union in early 80s. He played a significant part in a screen ballet Anyuta with legends Ekaterina Maximova and Vladimir Vasilyev, who became his teachers later on the ballet-master faculty of RUTA (GITIS). During those years he played a crucial role in developing a screen-ballet genre taking leading parts in TV projects "Chapliniana", "Moonlight", "Old Tango", "House by the Road", "Seven Beauties" and "The Last Tarantella".

The late years Gali Abaidulov took part in certain Russian movies (Russian arc, Master and Margarita) and popular series ("Streets of Broken Lights", "National Security Agent", "Sherlock Holmes", "Bandit Petersburg") where he became known as scene king. This way, he got to play Carl Nesselrode, next to last chancellor of Russian Empire in several movies of different directors.

Gali Abaidulov is currently working as a choreographer and producer at Russian drama and musical theatres. At the Mariinsky theatre he took part in staging the operas Semyon Kotko (this performance was nominated for Russian Opera Award Casta Diva and National Theatre Award Golden Mask), Mavra", "The Wedding of Figaro" and "Don Juan". At Novosibirsk Musical Comedy Theatre he became a Golden mask nominee for the Viper performance.

The premiere shows of Pagliacci are to be held on the main stage of NOVAT on 13 and 14 April at 19.00. Tickets are available at the theatre box office and on the web site.