NOVAT joined the European theatre union

October 05, 2017

The Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet theatre has joined the international theatre association Opera Europa. The person responsible for starting and putting into effect the initiative for joining the biggest professional organization in Europe is the Chief Stage Director of the Novosibirsk opera Vyacheslav Starodubtsev.

This association has been functional since 2002 and currently unites 176 opera companies from 42 countries including the Bolshoi theatre, Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky theatres of St.-Petersburg, Helikon-Opera and Novaya Opera theatre of Moscow and many other; the organization promotes opera art in the cultural scene of Europe and the world. Opera Europa provides opera companies and festivals with an international platform to exchange information and establish acquaintances for future cooperative projects, communication and development. Vyacheslav Starodubtsev believes that joining Opera Europa is a big step for the high-skilled company of the Novosibirsk theatre on its way to integration in the European and world opera community. As a part of this association we obtain an opportunity to promote our projects and artists to the European cultural space and to study the heritage of the lead opera companies from artistic, administrative, educational and financial point of view.

Opera Europa headquarters is based in Bruxelles, its a place of constant dispute for the directors of the lead European opera houses and representatives of the smaller companies designed for more specific audience. Two times a year Opera Europa arranges big conferences to discuss the current European theatre problems; a number of sessions are constantly open for the theatre operational management; round-table conferences and meetings are held for the direction of the opera companies. Opera Europa provides its members with full access for the biggest opera data base and a possibility to learn the research information on artistic, commercial and social activity of the European theatres.

Opera Europa and its director Nicolas Payne personally invited the Chief Stage Director of the Novosibirsk theatre Vyacheslav Starodubtsev to take part in the autumn conference in Parma which is to be held in October 2017: You are invited to take part in a public discussion A display of youth projects: why, how, for whom? You will be joined with your colleagues from Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie, Bruxelles and Teatro di San Carlo, Naples. Peter Spuhler, director of Baden State Theatre will be the chairman of this session. During this session we would like you, as the head of the theatre to present the Novosibirsk opera and the initiatives of your company.