New tale for kids and adults

September 19, 2017

A new rendition of The Nutcracker is getting ready at NOVAT. The rehearsals are in full play. The performance will premiere soon enough 23rd and 24th September.

Nacho Duato, an outstanding Spanish choreographer brought to life his neoclassical masterpiece at the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet theatre. Zhanna Ayupova, National Artist of Russia, personal assistant of Nacho Duato tells about surprising features of beloved and probably the most popular ballet rendered by Spanish choreographer:

The Nutcracker with the choreography by Vasily Vaynonen is the most common and familiar version for Russian and even soviet audience, it is presented in many theatres; this rendition premiered in 1934, almost 85 years ago. Nacho Duato has his own judgment for the classic pieces of art; he always finds new highlights, and his works are distinguished by a particular musical sense, his performances are always fascinating.

Nacho Duato kept the original plot of The Nutcracker, only time and place are changed. The action takes place at a rich estate on the Christmas Eve before the revolution, with recognizable cityscapes of St.-Petersburg on the back. The creators made this shift to prerevolutionary St.-Petersburg as a tribute to the whole Russian culture. Nacho Duato and the Scenery Designer Jerome Kaplan believe that the city of St.-Petersburg fits perfectly Tchaikovskys music.

The Nutcracker is the second Nacho Duatos ballet after The Sleeping Beauty performed with flat shoes, and its an important and interesting experience. The choreographer doesnt approve overacting in the stage setting, he usually asks the dancers to move naturally, keeping the gestures from too much pathos, because Russian traditional ballet bears a significant amount of pomposity. However, Nacho Duato respects the classic ballet heritage; for example, in The Sleeping Beauty the choreographer left encirclings with partners in big Auroras adagio as a reverence to the classics. Many specialists were surprised with that, but it was important for the choreographer. In case of The Nutcracker it is presented with the Waltz of the Snowflakes which signals the choreographer has seen several renditions of the classic ballet, including the one by Vasiliy Vaynonen.

Traditionally, The Nutcracker productions involve a lot of people, broad-scale scenery and very thorough historic costume design. The Nutcracker of Nacho Duato is more of a chamber work with calm sets and very emphatic lighting. Opposed to the classic version, Duatos The Nutcracker involves a moderate sized corps-de-ballet, since the masters point is to draw attention to the choreography. Nacho Duato is very strict with the dancers about rendering his choreography and even the tiniest details must fulfill his imperative.

Another signature feature of Nacho Duatos works is humor. In The Nutcracker it is presented with variety dances in the second act they are all choreographed ironic and authentic.

The Nutcracker. Ballet in 2 acts. PREMIERE.
23rd September, Saturday show starts at 13:00 and at 19:00
24th September, Sunday show starts at 13:00 and at 18:00

Watch a photo report on the rehearsals of the performance.