Easter Gift

May 01, 2016

On May 1, the day of the Holy Easter, NOVAT gives a 1904 moulded bronze bell as a gift to the Novosibirsk Orthodox Eparchy.

Vladimir Kehman, Director General of NOVAT: Preserving cultural heritage has always been one of museums and, in a way, theatres key tasks. This is in reference to not only theatre productions but also to cultural artifacts  musical instruments in particular, collection of which was treasured in Novosibirsk during the war  or to pieces of arts and crafts. In our archives we managed to preserve a bell with more than one hundred years history. To honour the Holy Easter we hand this bell over to the Novosibirsk Eparchy, where it will become a part of the Museum of Chime under the St. Michael Cathedral.

The bell weights about 360 pounds and is richly decorated. It will be given a central spot in the Museums exhibition area.