Pagliacci: new faces, new masks

June 15, 2017

One of the most significant premieres of the present season, Leoncavallos opera Pagliacci will be staged on 20th June at NOVAT. This performance is remarkable for its expressive directing solutions, vivid and stylish settings and impressive acting, which caused warm reception of the first shows during April. The third (and the last in this season) show will be performed by the new cast three young soloists will debut in the lead parts: Timofey Dubovitsky (Canio/Pagliaccio), Darya Shuvalova (Nedda/Colombina), and Kirill Nifontov (Beppo/Arlecchino).

Mastering the character was hard for me, but this performance taught me a lot of things admitted Timofey Dubovitsky; Canio is a first big theatre work for him. Irkin Gabitov, our director, believes that this opera is all about real emotions that you cant act, you can only remember. So I had to recall and live through some painful moments, betrayals, which was rough. However, my Canio is pretty young notes Timofey Dubovitsky usually this part is performed by experienced tenors with older looks. Nevertheless, I understand his feelings, when in the middle of his life he realizes that Pagliaccio costume and that company is his fate and theres nothing he can do about it.

Darya Shuvalova is getting ready for the Nedda part: She is a very interesting character. You have to show all edges of her personality in quite a short opera. One moment shes a girl, starving for true feelings, another passionate temptress, then a sincerely loving woman. And in the second act she turns into a clown herself.

Beppo, also Arlecchino in the second act, will be for the first time performed by Kirill Nifontov, who admitted to be worried and excited a lot about the upcoming performance. Irkin Gabitovs production came out to be very bright and vivid, containing powerful music and drama noted the singer In addition to that, Leoncavallos theatre inside the theatre gives you an opportunity to play two characters at once.

The next Pagliacci performance will be staged on 20th June. Tickets are available on the website and at the theatre box office.