Songs of the war time in NOVAT on 9 May

May 05, 2017

9 May, 2017 at 16.00 the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre invites the veterans for the annual concert, dedicated to the celebration of the Victory Day. The history of the theatre has always been in close touch with the great celebration of Victory. During the war time, the theatre used to keep the assets of the main national museums; the unfinished stage hosted the performances; in November 1942 the evacuated Leningrad Symphonic Orchestra performed the Seventh (th sieged) symphony by Dmitry Shostakovich; the theatre kept being built even in the worst times of war. The opening of the theatre on 12 May 1945 became the great symbol of moral victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The soloists, the choir and the orchestra are always anxious in their hearts, preparing the festive concert, which usually includes the front-line songs and the music created right after the war. These songs are the living memory of those hard times, of national deeds and unity: The Sacred War, Katyusha, Zemlyanka, The Roads and other. These songs, uniting generations with pride and gratitude will be performed by the leading soloists of the theatre: Julia Nikiforova, Irina Novikova, Svetlana Tokareva, Juri Komov, Ivan Gyngazov, Alexey Zelenkov, Andrew Isakov, Eugene Kozyrev, Sergey Kuzmin, Alexey Laushkin, Karen Movsesyan, Andrew Triller, Pavel Yankovsky. The conductor is Peter Belyakin, the main choirmaster is Vyacheslav Podyelsky.