Oleg Vinogradov's planet

August 01, 2017

On 1st August a choreographer of an international renown, an Honored Artist of USSR Oleg Vinogradov is turning 80.

It is a special date for NOVAT. Here, on the Novosibirsk stage the luminous master started his artistic journey.

In 1958, after graduation from Leningrad Choreographic School Oleg Vinogradov chose The Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet theatre as a future workplace. “First time we walked around the streets neighboring the theatre, we got completely discouraged by their looks — wrote Oleg Vinogradov in his book „Confessions of a Ballet Master„ — only after we had approached the theatre we got our spirits back looking at our future provider“.

Oleg Vinogradov has been performing as a dancer at the Novosibirsk theatre for seven years. During those times, Emil Pasynkov engaged him to working on the opera performances plastique; then Pyotr Gusev, Chief of the ballet company of that time, offered him to stage several dance items in „Seven Beauties“ ballet and a new version of the first act of „Swan Lake“.

First Oleg Vinogradov’s work as a choreographer was 1964 „Cinderella“ by Sergey Prokofiev. And the next year he presented „Romeo and Juliette“ ballet, which was later staged at the world’s best venues. „The performance grants the impression of a sacred divinity, gothic old times, a bit creepy and threatening — recalls Lidiya Krupenina, the USSR National Artist — all of the ancient dances were choreographed with style“.

„Vinogradov is not just a legend, he is a whole planet — states Denis Matvievko Denis Matvievko, the Artistic Director of NOVAT Ballet Company — I am astonished by his creativity, talent and professional skills. In my opinion, Oleg Mikhailovich is not just a brilliant ballet master, he also is an outstanding director, and this type of combination is very rare“.

Since 1968 Oleg Vinogradov has been working in Leningrad, where he first directed Leningrad State Academic Maly Opera Theatre (Mikhailovsky theatre now), and in 1977 he started working at Kirov theatre (Mariinky theatre now) as Artistic Director.

Autumn 2016, 51 years after the premiere, „Romeo and Juliet“ with Oleg Vinogradov’s choreography is back to the Novosibirsk stage. „After I have seen the biggest theatres of the world I want to say this: we should be proud of those who have built this theatre and those who maintain its state — announced the ballet master during his visit to Novosibirsk — And we must do everything to make it known worldwide“.

“I will remember for the rest of my life working with such a luminary of ballet arts like Oleg Mikhailovich Vinogradov — mentioned Dmitri Jurowski , Musical Director and Principal Conductor of NOVAT — knowing the traditions and following them, he manages to be a re-inventor. His version of „Romeo and Juliette„ is more than 50 years old and it’s still relevant. I wish Oleg Mikhailovich more years of artistic activity in addition to the happy years of living“.

The theatre company congratulates the Master on his anniversary!