The tale continues - NOVAT soloists speak of the new Nutcracker

October 31, 2017

On the first days of November NOVAT invites you to see Tchaikovskys Nutcracker with the choreography be Nacho Duato. The impressive premiere shows were sold out in September. The famous Spanish choreographer Nacho Duato, stage designer Jerome Kaplan and lighting designer Brad Fields present you their rendition of a beloved ballet masterpiece. Nacho Duato designed his work trying to combine Tchaikovskys genius music and modern choreography, with reverence to classical ballet heritage.

Principal cast shared with us their thoughts and emotions on the new Nutcracker. Anna Zharova, the National Artist of Russia performs Marie of the Nutcracker for the fifth time in her career: My first acquaintance with Nacho Duatos work was his masterpiece Multiplicity. Forms of silence and emptiness. It happened in 2012, at the Golden Mask ceremony, and I must say Ive been dreaming to work with the master since that time. I love modern choreography since it leaves more freedom to a dancer, more opportunities to show your potential, reveal your artistic talent and use your experience; I also think I was good at impersonating the ideas of contemporary choreographers I worked with - Kirill Simonov, Edwaard Liang. And Nacho Duatos choreography, which I see for the first time in my life suits me well, in my opinion. It is very precise, very musical, although it has its inconveniences to deal with: a different set of muscles is in use, Nacho demands great precision, academic manners, and Id say some European primness as well as free, natural moves with wide steps... I find this rendition of the classics very interesting, artistic and simply beautiful.

Nutcracker is presented by Eugene Basalyuk, a young soloist of NOVAT company: My first visual impression of Nacho Duatos choreography was like - it all looks very smooth, very beautiful, I think it will be easy to perform. But then we started practicing it and I realized it was only an impression, the thing is not that simple. As true disciples of the Russian ballet school we find Vaynonens classic choreography more convenient and familiar - we were taught to dance this way. Nachos choreography is neo-classical, it means a different approach and different forms. It was incredibly interesting to master a new plastique and work with a contemporary choreographer. Nacho Duato claims to have given more freedom to his mice army.

Mouse King and his subjects are real warriors, the choreographer considers their scenes the most spectacular and fun. In the premiere shows Mouse King is performed by Mikhail Lifentsev: In those performances we are used to watch Mouse King is usually featured with rich facial mobility, and the new Nutcracker offers a very interesting and technically sophisticated dance for my character. The part is very vivid, created with humor, Ive been mastering it with pleasure. My character is very active, but at the same time he has a tricky costume, which keeps the performer quite warm while dancing, so I wont freeze on the winter Nutcracker shows.

Tickets for the new Nutcracker production are available for 26-31 December and 2-7 January 2018.