Veronika Dzhioevas music festival has started

June 11, 2017

Veronika Dzhioevas music festival has started on 8th June; for the next 30 days prima donnas friends, endorsed by the best scenes of the world will perform for the Novosibirsk audience. The music forum opened with the renovated La Boheme performance featured with the famous baritone Vasily Ladyuk and the National Artist of The North Ossetia republic and the South Ossetia Alania Veronika Dzhioeva.

As opera artists we try do follow the lead of the outstanding artists, who arrange their festivals said Vasily Ladyuk at the briefing held at NOVAT; the well-known baritone has been arranging the Opera Live festival for several years. Nowadays at the music forum most attention is drown to the instrumental artists, and the vocalists get not so much time, which creates some kind of vacuum. At our festival we, the opera artists, may gather more respectable team of performers.

At the same time, Vasily Ladyuk noted that the opera festival is always a nightmare for an artist. Aside from artistic component you have to take care of the administrative work, to watch every step, no matter how many friends are next to you pointed out the artist. We have to thank Vladimir Abramovich Kekhman, NOVATs Director General for supporting this festival. Organizing such an event in Moscow or Petersburg is one thing, but preparing this kind of forum in provinces, even in a huge town like Novosibirsk, is a completely different story.

Im very grateful to Vladimir Kekhman for the opportunity to perform on the Novosibirsk stage together with my friends announced Veronika Dzhioeva for me personally, this festival is primarily a chance to meet my dear friends like a brilliant performer Vasily Ladyuk, who will also take part in a gala concert, which is to close our music forum on 13th July.

Prima donna stressed out that the closing gala concert will be conducted by a famous opera singer Dmitry Korchak. Besides Vasily Ladyuk my other friends will take part in the concert Yulia Matochkina from the Mariinsky theatre and a Czech soprano Liana Sass noted Veronika Dzhioeva the Novosibirsk singers will definitely take part in the concert, Pavel Yankovsky and Sergey Kuzmin will be among them.

I suppose the concert will finally end by 7 a. m. jokes Vasily Ladyuk.

Veronika Dzhioeva will participate it the following performances:

Tickets are available on the website and at the box office of the theatre.

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