Vladimir Kekhman. 10 years of theatre experience

May 05, 2017

05 May 2007 Vladimir Kekhman has become the head of the Mikhailovsky theatre in St. – Petersburg. In quite a short time the theatre has joined the ranks of the leading artistic companies of the country: it has found its style, gained the love of the audience, seized the worldwide acceptance.

Nowadays, Vladimir Kekhman, been appointed two years ago for the director general of NOVAT, divides his time and power onto two cities – he is also an artistic director at the Mikhailovsky theatre. Our colleagues from Petersburg have made a video, describing shortly these 10 years, which have been so important for the theatre community of our country.

The whole NOVAT company would like to join the Mikhailovsky theatre in their congratulations. We wish Vladimir Kekhman more artistic achievements!