Vladimir Kuchin: our Simpleton is a provoker

May 15, 2017

The Simpleton of Boris Godunov opera will be performed for the first time by Vladimir Kuchin on 20 May. After graduating from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University he has performed a lot of leading parts in NOVATs repertoire and he is convinced, that this character allows playing a strong and independent man.

Normally, the Simpleton is a miserable person, but in our performance we have a slightly different reality, and the director came up with another appearance assumes Vladimir Kuchin the Simpleton of ours is not pathetic, he is strong and independent in his way, he relays what he thinks is right.

The soloist of the NOVAT Company has a degree in software engineering, he never studied vocal, but this hasnt become an obstacle for his opera career. I think there is still something left in me from an engineer notes Vladimir Kuchin I can feel that difference in perception, in approach to work. My colleagues have noticed several times that I have my vision, unusual for a singer. I cant say its easier for them to work with me, but Im not quite like the other singers, thats for sure.

The Simpleton part of Mussorgskys majestic musical drama is quite small, but following Pushkins idea, whose tragedy provided basis for this operas libretto, he director endued this character with a particular value. As a matter of fact, the Simpleton is an independent provoker, manipulating facts and rumors states Vladimir Kuchin he reminds the king and the people about the power above mundane. For that reason these people were called Gods men.

Dmitry Belovs Boris Godunov performance with the stage design by Gleb Filshtinsky will take place 20 May. The conductor is Petr Belyakin. Tickets are available on the website and at the theatre box office.