Stars, premiers and debuts on NOVAT stage in March

March 12, 2019

First spring month will be rich in events. March 3rd Isidor Zak concert hall will host premiere of childrens opera Steadfast tin soldier by S. Banevich; second premiere show is set on March 9th. A romantic adventure to the fairy-tale world is presented by stage director Vyacheslav Starodubtsev, conductor Evgeny Volynsky, costume designer Elena Oleynik, set designer Timur Gulyaev, stage movement designer Sergey Zakharin and lighting designer Igor Yakushev. The performance is featured with ballet artists and childrens choir of NOVAT. This musical tale of a brave soldier with big heart full of love fascinates, excites and teaches empathy to characters.

First spring debut will take place on March 3rd in Puccinis La bohème baritone singer Gury Guryev will perform Marcello for the first time.

The evening show of Coppélia on March 8th will be featured with Russian ballet stars Anastasiya Soboleva and Viktor Lebedev. The Novosibirsk audience has grown to love this amazing talented ballet duo.

World opera star, the amazing Vasiliva Berzhanskaya will perform Rosina of Rossinis Barber of Seville twice during spring time in NOVAT. You will have opportunities to see and hear the impressive and artistic singer performing one of her best roles on March 9th and April 14th. Another ballet top awaits Kseniya Zakharova: the talented dancer is going to hit the stage to perform a landmark character for any ballerina, Giselle of Adams ballet of the same name on March 10th.

Opera day performance honoring the memory of Isidor Zak will be held in the concert hall named after this outstanding conductor on March 10th. The programme contains overtures, scenes and arias from Isidor Zaks favorite operas. This time NOVATs symphonic orchestra will be conducted by a famous violin player, leader of The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Ilya Konovalov, Isidor Zaks grandson. The concert will be featured with soloist and chorus of the Novosibirsk opera.

Astana opera soloist Bakhtiyar Adamzhan will perform title roles in Spartacus on March 13th and La Bayadère on March 20th. His flawless technique, impressive and powerful leap, in addition to his artistic energy has won the audience and ballet specialists in Kazakhstan and far abroad.

NOVAT soloist Koya Okawa will perform for the first time the part of Isaac Lankedem from Le Corsaire. Back on stage matinee on March 16th.

March 17th, 13:00 you are invited to Isidor Zak concert hall to see the concert of an amazing young music ensemble Russian folk instruments youth orchestra of the Novosibirsk special music school. The orchestra unites 35 young musicians aged from 12 to 20, and the majority of them are laureates and diploma winners of international, Russian and regional performing contests.

Boris Godunov opera set on March 19th is going to become a significant event for all opera admirers. An outstanding bass singer, world opera star Alexey Tikhomirov will perform the title role while NOVAT soloist, tenor Mikhail Agafonov will make his debut as Pretender.

Alexey Tikhomirov will also take part in the concert set on March 21st in Isidor Zak hall. On this occasion Dmitri Jurowski, the musical director and chief conductor of NOVAT is going to present a new programme Death and Harmony. The main subject of the performance is Death scaring with its obscurity, yet attracting with its incredible power. The programme will include death scenes from the greatest Russian operas and foreign musical pieces.

A well-known conductor Valentin Uryupin is going to present a new concert programme from his authorial series Beethoven - Night. The new show will include Beethovens pieces and the premiere of German avant-garde composer Bernd Alois Zimmermanns Stille und Umkehr. The concert features one of the best oboe players of our generation, soloist of The Royal Concertgebouw orchestra in Amsterdam Ivan Podyemov.

NOVAT soloist Anastasiya Turchina will perform for the first time the part of brave Radish from Cipollino ballet on March 24th.

Another NOVAT ballet soloist, Artem Pugachev will debut as the main character Conrad in a romantic ballet story Le Corsaire. Back on stage on March 27th.