Jewels premiere at NOVAT Main Stage

November 18, 2019

The Main Stage of NOVAT, which was renovated to the theatres 75th anniversary, will open with premiere shows of George Balanchines Jewels.

Jewels was created by an outstanding choreographer of the XX century, founder of the American classical ballet George Balanchine in 1967 for New York City Ballet company. Nowadays this production is included in the repertoire of the leading ballet companies of the world and still enjoys success with the audience. Staging Jewels is a great honor for any ballet company and a sign of its professional competence. NOVAT became one of three Russian theatres, along with the Bolshoi and the Mariinsky, which was granted a right by the Balanchine Trust to stage Emeralds, Rubies and Diamonds.

While keeping to the classical traditions, Balanchine confidently imbued his ballets with contemporary spirit. Masters choreography is distinguished by a keen musicality, exquisite technique and dynamic, which is why his ballets are always performed by top-class dancers, ballet stars. Jewels premiere shows at NOVAT will feature principals and stars of the Novosibirsk and the Mikhailovsky ballet companies: Leonid Sarafanov, Angelina Vorontsova, Anastasia Soboleva, Viktor Lebedev, Ernest Latypov.

Jewels is Balanchines first abstract ballet. Maestro admitted this ballet was inspired by the artistry of jewelry designer Claude Arpels. Both choreography and music of this ballets three parts are very different. Musical pieces of three great composers Gabriel Fauré, Igor Stravinsky and Pyotr Tchaikovsky are supposed to convey the character of gems, their captivating beauty and magic charm. It is believed that each jewel represent a certain period of Balanchines career, and particular cultures, which shaped his unique style. Emeralds represent French ballet traditions, its an evocation of France the France of elegance and exquisiteness. Rubies are a buoyant America with its blazing jazzy energy and glamorous Hollywood and Broadway atmosphere. Diamonds show a brilliant Saint-Petersburg, noble style and sublime glory of Imperial Russian Ballet.

In 1983 after maestros death the George Balanchine Trust was founded in the USA with the intent to preserve the choreographers heritage. The specialists of the Trusts are Balanchines disciples and students, who used to dance with the New York City Ballet. They control staging of his ballets with different ballet companies of the world with regard to keeping Balanchines original style and technique. NOVAT welcomes the Trusts repetiteurs, who supervise the staging: Ben Huys (Emeralds), Nilas Martins (Rubies), and Diana White (Diamonds).

Jewels Ballet production, Balanchine Ballet, presented at NOVAT in agreement with the George Balanchine Trust and prepared in accordance with the standards of Balanchine Style and Balanchine Technique, established and provided by Trust.