After 33 years "Pagliacci" returns to NOVAT's stage

March 27, 2017

The premiere shows of Ruggiero Leoncavallo's "Pagliacci" will be held on 13 and 14 of April on the main stage of NOVAT. The last performance of "Pagliacci" happened 33 years ago, back in spring 1984.

The direction of the play will be done by a young prosperous conductor Valentin Uryupin, who won a prestigious Georg Solti International Conductor competition. The producer of the play, Honored Man of Art of Russian Federation, Irkin Gabitov is an experienced master, director of Mariinsky theatre in Saint-Petersburg, he has put on several performances on the Novosibirsk opera stage.

"Pagliacci" is one of the most popular and performed operas in the world. This short performance contains all the brilliance of opera. Italian composer Ruggiero Leoncavallo created "Pagliacci" under heavy influence of Verism, which suggests depicting a realistic person with all his flaws and passion. "Pagliacci" was first time performed in 1892 at "La Scala". As a talented librettist, Leoncavallo converted a domestic murder into a heart-breaking story of betrayal and violent revenge. A real story stays behind the plot of the play - young Leoncavallo witnessed an actor of a migrant troupe killing his wife and her lover at his father's domain.

Valentin Uryupin says: "Before Berg's "Wozzeck" and Shostakovich's "Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk" the musical theatre history knows no better opera, where the composer showed the real life so straight, true and simple as did Leoncavallo in his "Pagliacci".

The characters of "Pagliacci" are so real, and the soundtrack is so vivid and psychologically correct, that you can't but empathize them. "In this play, Nedda, the actress dies with no romantic touch, the life is presented as it is, in its true colours - noted Valentin Uryupin - and if we speak about true life, "Pagliacci" is about compassion for the character."

The producer of the play, Irkin Gabitov, sticks to classical theatre traditions in his work, and this performance is done considering the neorealism aesthetics. Along with that, the play will host many unexpected spectacular solutions. The director blurs the borders of real life and acting, invites the audience to the dramatic play, where one goes beyond being a spectator and associates a theatre kill.

  • Musical director and conductor - Valentin Uryupin;
  • Producer - Irkin Gabitov, Honored Man of Art of Russia;
  • Set designer - National Artist of Russia, Vyacheslv Okunev;
  • Plastique solution - Gali Abaidullov;
  • Lighting designer - Alexander Kibitkin;
  • Chorus master - Vyacheslav Podjelskiy;

The leading parts are performed by the soloists of NOVAT:

  • Kanio - Mikhail Agafonov, Timofey Dubovitsky, Roman Zavadsky.
  • Nedda - Irina Novikova, Nadezhda Nesterova, Irina Churilova, Daria Shuvalova.
  • Tonio - Maxim Aniskin, Valery Gordeev, Alexei Zelenkov.
  • Beppo - Sergei Kuzmin, Vladimir Kuchin, Cyril Nifontov.
  • Silvio - Maxim Aniskin, Karen Movsesyan, Pavel Yankovsky.

Premieres of Leoncavallo's "Pagliacci" opera will be held on the main stage of NOVAT on 13 and 14 of April. The beginning is at 19.00. Tickets are available at the box office of the theater and on the website

In NOVAT, "Pagliacci" was staged three times: in 1950 (the conductor - A. Lagerkvist, the director - R. Korokh, the designer - S. Belogolovy), in 1964 (the conductor - B. Gruzin, the director - S. Stein, the designer - I. Sevastyanov) and in 1972 (the conductor - G. Orlov, the director - O. Averyanov, the designer - F. Nirod).