one-act ballet
music by Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov


One-act ballet set to the symphonic suite of the same name by Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov
Choreographic composition by Mikhail Fokine
Conductor: Alexander Novikov
Staging by Sergey Vikharev
Sets and Costumes revived after the sketches by Léon Bakst
Stage Designer: Igor Grinevich
Repetiteurs: Lidia Krupenina, Larisa Matyukhina-Vasilveskaya, Nina Furalyova

45 minutes

Première of the production: 31 January 2001

Performed on tour to Barcelona and Sevilia, Spain (2002), Sintra, Portugal (2002)

The bored Sultan Shahriar is enjoying the pleasures and entertainment of his concubines and favorite wife Zobeide.

His brother Shakhezman, who is sure of female infidelity, suggests to to test the harem and go off hunting. An orgy break out in harem, at the height of which the Sultan returns. He orders to kill all his odalisques, eunuchs and slaves.

Zobeide stabs herself.