October 10, 2015

On October 10 we are celebrating the remarkable 95th anniversary of Peoples’ artist of the RSFSR I. V. Sevastiyanov (1920-2004). The most artistically eventful and fruitful period of life of this distinguished scenic painting maestro is closely connected with his work in the Novosibirsk opera and ballet theatre. While being Theatre’s chief painter from 1956 to 1963 he created 26 theatre productions on our stage including such classical Russian operas as «The Enchantress», «May Night», «Sadko», «Prince Igor», «The Tale of Tsar Saltan», «Khovanshchina».

«Boris Godunov» opera, staged in 1990, is one of the latest works of Ivan Sevastiyanov on the stage of the Novosibirsk theatre with him working on it already as a guest painter. The production was a part of theatre’s repertoire for 12 seasons and was a success with the audience.

Among colleagues Ivan Sevastyanov is best remembered for his advertence to sketches. Each production is several dozens of cardboard or paper sheets painted with gouache, tempera and aquarelle. Some of them are stored in Theatre’s archives today. Costumes’ sketches are designed with such amazing attention down to indication of fabrics, tiny pieces of which are pinned to paper sheets.

Ivan Sevastyanov participated in all major scenic painting exhibitions and his first one-man show took place in Moscow in 1971.

Illustrations: 1. Portrait of I. Sevastyanov, 2. 1954 «Sadko» opera costumes’ sketches, 3. I. Sevastyanov presents his «Prince Igor» opera sketch (1955), 4. «Boris Godunov» opera sketch (1990)