November 16, 2015

People’s Artist of Russia Aleksandr Balabanov celebrates his 70th birthday.

The world of theatre lives for legends. There are times when an artist made his bows long time ago but his roles not only remain memorable as if only performed yesterday but also congest new details.
Aleksandr Balabanov who was able to strike a balance between virtuosity and bright dramatic talent rightly carries an unspoken title of a legendary ballet dancer. He performed dozens of diverse parts during the 25 years of his career in the Novosibirsk opera and ballet theatre — lyric, romantic, heroic ones with each role becoming a real event.

A great pleiad of ballet dancers which is second to none up to the present day exercised its talent in the Soviet Union in 1960-1980. Aleksandr Balabanov was its most worthy representative and the Novosibirsk theatre is proud of it.

NOVAT congratulates Aleksandr Balabanov on the anniversary. Dear Aleksandr Petrovich we wish you health, happiness, many happy returns of fruitful years!