Oleg Vinogradov Meets the Ballet Company

March 20, 2016

The Novosibirsk opera and ballet theatre (NOVAT) welcomes Peoples Artist of the USSR Oleg Vinogradov. The distinguished choreographer came to Novosibirsk to get acquainted with the Ballet Company members. It is expected that the next season in NOVAT will be opened with a ballet production staged by him.

The Novosibirsk Theatre, where Oleg Vinogradov worked between 1958 and 1965, is a special page in the maitres biography. Staging Sergey Prokofievs Cinderella and Romeo and Juliet ballets embarked the master upon his career as a choreographer as well as started a victorious march of these productions countrywide and around the globe.

Oleg Vinogradov: I havent been to Novosibirsk for many years. Feelings are, of course, exciting and touching. Every path is well known, Ive come though a lot here, but its the first time that I see the Theatre like this. It is completely different. Even back then it literally stunned us  we hadnt seen anything really, hadnt been anywhere... But now that Ive seen every biggest theatre of the world and I have something to compare it with, I just want to say: we should be proud of those who built the Theatre and of people who are keeping it in this condition. We need to do everything we can to let the whole world know about this Theatre.