Denis Matsuev “Opens” NOVAT

October 19, 2015

“Open NOVAT” is to start in Novosibirsk opera and ballet theatre on 28-29th, October. It is a large-scale educational programme, which will include performances of the Theatre and concerts of well-known musicians.

Its’ first participants will be Denis Matsuev, People’s artist of Russia and jazz band of Arkady Shilkloper, Aydar Gaynullin, Andrey Ivanov , Igor Senderov and Alexander Zinger. They will perform Schumann, Stravinsky, jazz classics.

The communication of the musicians with the public will be very “out of the ordinary”. The artists will perform in the stalls in close proximity to the audience, who will mainly be the students of colleges and universities of Novosibirsk.
Admissions by invitation only.