Innermost Secrets of The Queen of Spades

October 10, 2016

Open NOVAT project renovates the lectures programme before the premieres. The first lectures of current season are addressed to spectators who will come to the premiere of The Queen of Spades on October 14 and 15. Candidate of Art Criticism Vyacheslav Starodubtsev, who presents his own version of a masterpiece of Russian opera classics, has titled his lecture Tchaikovsky vs. Pushkin. Florence vs. Petersburg. It is an open discussion that will dwell upon the history of creation and unusual events around The Queen of Spades.

Vyacheslav Starodubtsev underlines that the work on the production was preceded by scrupulous study of a huge array of documents and museum materials. Great assistance was provided by Ada Einbinder, a musicologist and the head of manuscript and printed sources department of Tchaikovskys memorial museum in Klin , - the stage director tells. - She advised a lot of interesting facts and details from the history of The Queen of Spades. It all happened with another great person's blessing Polina Veidman, the custodian of innermost secrets and the most authoritative professional in Tchaikovskys heritage studies. I want to share some secrets that I learned with the audience.

Lectures of Open NOVAT project take place in the foyer of the Theatre. Starting time at 18.00. Entrance by tickets to the performance.