Your safety is our concern

December 27, 2015

Dear friends,
Thank you for the continued interest in our theatre. Your compliments and decrials, pieces of advice and questions advert to every sphere of theatre life also including such an important aspect as security. This holds true; when in theatre one should be sure that his life and health are out of danger.

After tragic events in Paris Bataclan, where terrorists managed to smuggle weapons in the concert hall, we are asked if something similar could happen in NOVAT. We assure you: we do everything we can to ensure your safety. Both professionalism of our security personnel and upswing equipment are the formula. Audience entrances are equipped with high precision metal detectors. Should a guest or his belongings strike as suspicious, a hand-held metal detector security check will be suggested. Items that constitute a potential danger  knifes, electric shockers, aerosol spray cans  are to be necessarily left in the checking room. And those who refuse doing so are risking not entering the audience hall. We ask you to bear in mind that security check procedure takes some time. It is recommended to arrive to the theatre in advance in order to avoid entrance queues all the more so as audience crush-rooms open one hour prior a performance. Parking lot under security surveillance, where you can leave your car absolutely for free on production of a theatre ticket, starts working at the same time.

A lot of questions are being received about opening of theatres third circle. We hear, in particular, from organizers of children groups form neighboring towns, who hoped to bring their pupils already in December-January for the holiday Nutcrackers. Unfortunately we are bound to let you know that clearing this part of the building for operation is postponed. At the moment visiting the circle is unsafe both for children and adults. Consequences of the unsatisfactory two year old repair proved to be greater than expected. Builders are eliminating roof leaks and removing sites of mycotic lesions.
One more set of questions refers to fire safety. You point out that there are now a lot of furniture in the second floor lobby  sofas, armchairs, tables as well as buffet stations. This, surely, is convenient, but what if, God forbid, there is a fire emergency; wont the furniture be an obstacle during evacuation?

We are answering: it wont. You will not need to waive between the sofas. In fact, lobby space wont be used at all in case of emergency. Emergency plan involves spreading human flows on side and central staircases which lead to exits. You only need to strictly follow instruction of our personnel.

We hope for your understanding and look forward to welcoming you in NOVAT!

Sincerely yours,
Svetlana Naborshchikova
Deputy Director General for public relations.