Vladimir Fedoseev: your theatre has its special love climate

April 07, 2017

Vladimir Fedoseev, an outstanding conductor, visited NOVAT during his stay in Novosibirsk. Maestro has been heading the Big Symphonic Orchestra named after P. I. Chaikovsky over the last 40 years. Recently, the conductor visited the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre for the first time in his life.

— Maestro, as we know, this your first performance in Novosibirsk, and have you ever been to the city and in this theatre before?

— I've been to Novosibirsk before, quite a long time ago. But it's really for the first time I will conduct both in this city and in this theatre. The architecture is amazing, it made a huge impression on me. The theatre is constructed to host the music, everything is organized responsibly, the place breathing with love.

— Today you have seen "Le Corsaire", please share your impressions as a spectator.

— As a musician, first of all I paid attention to the acoustics of the hall, it's amazing. A beautiful performance, an interesting direction, the orchestra is very accurate and it sounds good, all pieces fit together into one fine motion. The audience here is great, the people know how to percept and appreciate the music. You have a special love climate here, it's rare in Moscow nowadays.

— This year you have the anniversary, and as we know, you have big plans, a big anniversary tour, right?

— Yeah, that's horrible (laughing). We are planning to visit some places in Russia and abroad. Our next move is "Eugene Onegin" in Japan. We created a concert version of it, with Japanese choir, the youth choir will be also from Japan.

— This kind of tour takes a lot of efforts, what is the source of your energy, your inspiration?

— It's the music and The Lord. And our orchestra of course. Recently it turned 85, we are almost the same age. Our orchestra is awesome, we're like a family. Some musicians came when they were really young, some of them I got married; we have quite warm relationship, it happens sometimes that a husband complains about his wife, and vice versa (laughing), so I have to calm them down. A lot of musicians have played here for a real long time; for example, the leader of our orchestra spent 52 years with us, that's a kind of a record.

— This discussion takes place in Isidor Zak Concert Hall. It has unique history, some great musicians played here, and also the young performers who then turned to be worldwide famous. Reconstruction of the hall is almost finished, soon its doors will open. What are your first impressions of this place?

— Here I also have noticed a great acoustic balance; even now, as we talk, the sound is excellent, and this is a vital aspect for the music. This is one of the best concert halls I've ever seen. The seats are cozy, and the interior reminds me of Wiener Konzerthaus, many things are similar: the balcony, the standing room. This place is above all of our metropolitan houses, it would be interesting to work here once.