Guest production staff

Augustin Maillot

Costume Designer

Born in 1989 in Tours, Augustin Maillot has always been involved in the world of stage costumes and theaters. At the age of 16, he crosses Karl Lagerfeld’s path to attend Chanel’s creative studio for several summers as an assistant. Two years later he works in the sports studio of the house. At the same time, he entered the Higher Institute of Applied Arts and graduated in 2011. He then joined as Artistic Director Research Studio, the Neville Brody’s agency located in Paris. For two years, he designed several logos, scenographies, illustrations and models for prestigious brands. At the same time, Augustin Maillot develops as a stylist his own brand of clothing and accessories. The brand that combines sport and noble material is a great success and manages to export abroad. As soon as he has the opportunity, this young stylist touch-to-all flies around the world to photograph and illustrate reports for travel magazines. He returned to Chanel in 2015 to work on the brand’s sportswear creations before being named Artistic Director of Barrie in 2018.