October 1947 is considered as the foundation date of theatre museum. In 1984 the museum got the rank of “People’s Museum”. At present the museum exposition is closed to the public (as the repair activity of museum show-room (150 square metres) finishes). The first head of the museum was Robert Mayer.

From the beginning of 90-s (the period of exposition closing) the museum makes subject exhibitions in the lobby and also active excursion work in the theatre-architectural and historical monument. The building of Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre was recognized as the monument of architecture, history and culture of Republican (later Federal) importance (resolution of Council of Ministers of RSFSR ¹ 624 dated 04.12.1974, passport ¹ 21-95 dated 19.12.1995).

In 2002-2003 on the basis of museum archives data was prepared the important material about creative work of the theatre and its workers for publication in Encyclopedia on the occasion of 110 years of Novosibirsk city. All the museum stocks constantly enlarge with new exhibits.