Isidor Zak Concert hall inaugurated in NOVAT

December 02, 2017

The Concert hall was inaugurated after restoration on 2nd December. NOVAT reintroduced the unique venue, linked to legendary events of the Siberian music history into modern cultural space. The Opening Ceremony was featured with the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky, Mayor of Novosibirsk Anatoly Lokot, stand-in Governor of the Novosibirsk Region Andrey Travnikov and the Artistic Director of NOVAT Vladimir Kekhman.

The hall consisting of 333 seats received several upgrades during the restoration process. New lighting and viewing equipment was installed, which now allows the hall to host both live concerts and screen shows. Also, the acoustic aspect was improved. The audience will appreciate the new cozy Italian seats rising in semicircle. The modern image of the hall represents the idea of multifunctional space conceived by the theatre designers; it is known that the project was displayed alongside the legendary sculpture Worker and Woman Farmer by Vera Muckina at the World Expo in Paris in 1937 and was awarded with Grand-Prix.

The Concert hall is named after Isidor Zak, an outstanding conductor, National Artist of the USSR. He was one of those, who influenced and created the nowadays Siberian academic music traditions.

The first piece performed at the day of official opening of the Concert hall named after Isidor Zak has become Rossinis Stabat Mater ingenious sacred musical piece, recognized as top of his creative work. It was performed by the chamber orchestra and the choir of the Novosibirsk theatre, featured with the world opera stars: soprano singer Veronika Dzhioeva (NOVAT), mezzo-soprano Yuliya Matochkina (Mariinsky theatre), tenor Lawrence Brownlee (USA), bass René Pape (Germany). The performance was conducted by maestro Dmitry Korchak.

The Artistic Director of NOVAT Vladimir Kekhman points that the new concert hall will become an offering to Novosibirsk and its amazing musical and cultural heritage. This venue is known to have hosted the Novosibirsk orchestra under Arnold Katz told Vladimir Kekhman the hall linked with the most important names for the Novosibirsk music history is destined to become one of the most popular places in our city. I believe that Rossinis enlightening music with its sacred, redemptional content will lay foundation of a new life for the legendary hall, which we have brought back to the audience.

Dmitry Korchak, the Principal Guest Conductor of NOVAT admitted that he felt nervous waiting for this night and considers a great honor an opportunity to stand behind the conductors desk at the day of opening of this amazing hall and to become a successor of its glorious history.