Nikolay Maltsev: Im Basilio in my private life

May 09, 2017

Mikhail Messerer created the choreography for the new Don Quixote ballet, which will be shown on the main stage of NOVAT on 11 May. Nikolay Maltsev, one of the most interesting soloists of the theatre, will play the part of Basilio, whose love affairs with the beautiful Kitri defines the story of the Knight of the Rueful Countenance.

I think I am Basilio in my private life thinks Nikolay Maltsev he is such a charming, opportunistic happy-go-lucky type of a guy that I hardly had to act.

Nikolay Maltves has joined the company in 2014 and is now considered as one of the most prominent dancers, mastering his skills quite fast. For the day, he has played quite a few leading roles. All of my characters have similar features noted Nikolay Maltsev Romeo, Spartacus, Basilio and of course Cipollino they are all courageous and charismatic. I assume I also possess these traits.

The Basilio part of the festive and emotional ballet Don Quixote has become a start in life for many of a famous dancer Baryshnikov, Nuriev, Lavrovskiy. Its an opportunity to show off not only the performing skills, but also an artistic spirit and a comic talent.

I like making jokes myself noted Nikolay and it seems to me, that in comic scenes of the ballet Im playing myself.

The next performance of the Don Quixote ballet will take place in NOVAT on 11 May at 19.00. Tickets are available on the website and at the box office of the theatre.