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Ssss, Radio and Juliet

one-act ballet

08 October, Tue


One-act ballet
Music by Frederic Chopin
Choreographer: Edward Clug
Scenery and costume design: Thomas Mika
Lighting Designer: Tomaž Premzl
Assistant Choreographer: Matias Marin
Piano part: Lev Terskov
Répétiteurs: Maxim Grishenkov, Galina Sedova


Ssss... is a nocturnal piece for three couples, performed on an empty stage. Pianist is sitting back to the audience. There is another chair placed next to him, on which the dancers sit from time to time. A waiting room. This space is desolate; individuals meet here to part ways later. If we want to estimate the freshness of plastique only, especially in regard to duets, then we can put our mind at rest about the future of contemporary ballet. Artistic Director of the Slovenian National Ballet Edward Clug can be easily called a virtuoso and a European choreographic genius.

Alexandra Karabelas, Tanznetz, 19.02.2013

Radio and Juliet
One-act ballet
Music by Radiohead
Choreographer: Edward Clug
Scenery: Marko Japelj
Costume Designer: Leo Kulas
Lighting Designer: Tomaž Premzl
Assistant Choreographer: Matias Marin
Répétiteurs: Maxim Grishenkov, Galina Sedova

Assuming that the Romeo and Juliet story is about teenage alienation and young love forced underground by the corrupt establishment, there is no better music for Shakespeares narrative than Radiohead. Radioheads alternative rock is full of literary references and it affects the listener in an amazing way: sometimes its sensible, with growing tension; then again its screaming like mad of loss and sorrow. For this new approach Edward Clug combines Shakespeares classic work with Radioheads music. Set against the relentless backbeat, this deeply compelling classic tragedy of a love story wont let you take the eyes off the well-arranged choreography, where each movement speaks of a violent end of love.

1 hour 50 minutes

one intermission

Premiered on June 13, 2018