Touring life of Siberian La Boheme

June 07, 2017

The renovated La Boheme, the opening performance of the upcoming Veronika Dzhioeva gala concert has a captivating biography. What is especially interesting about it the touring stories. Here are some of them.

The first French directors version of La Boheme was staged in 1999 in Spain and in the capital of Portugal (six shows). The orchestra was amazing wrote the Publico of Lisbon the solid Novosibirsk Company with beautiful voices proved its right to be called one of the best Eastern theatres. The following soloists were highly appreciated by the public: Oleg Videman, Tatiana Vorojtsova, Alexander Lebedev, Sergey Nikitin, Liliya Ustyujanina, Lidiya Bondarenko and other. The journalists of Marte edition marked the architectural talent of the stage designer and the way he used the spinning platform allowed adjusting metal structures and huge prop windows in each of the four scenes.

In September, 2000 La Boheme of Novosibirsk went to Asia to take part in the II International Music and Dance Festival in Bangkok directed by the royal family of Thailand. Beautiful and powerful singing, subtle irony, high artistic potential all these features ended up in a fine theatre harmony wrote the Bangkok Post newspaper the performance was highly appreciated by her highness the Princess Galyani Vadhana, the Honorable Chairman of the festival.

The performance was a total success in South Korea in 2003. That year, together with the Novosibirsk artists, the performance was featured with the local chorus and the young Korean soloists.

The adventures of the Novosibirsk La Boheme in Bangkok continued in 2010, when the company was invited at the XII International Music and Dance festival with the new version of the performance featured with a new generation of soloists, familiar to the modern audience: Veronika Dzhioeva, Irina Churilova, Pavel Yankovsky, Nikolay Loskutkin, Andrew Triller.

In 2008 the concert version of La Boheme conducted by Teodor Currentzis in the big hall of the Moscow Conservatory came up for discussion the original interpretation, freshness of the performance, excellent conducting, who discovered the flexibility and thoroughness in the score with the help of the orchestra, the chorus, and especially Veronika Dzhioeva as Mimi.

The new chapter of the Novosibirsk La Boheme begins on 8th June.

Veronika Dzhioeva (Mimi), Sergey Kuzmin (Rodolfo, debut), Vasily Ladyuk (Marcello), Nadezhda Nesterova (Musetta, debut), Valery Gordeyev (Schaunard), Alexey Laushkin (Colline), Nikolay Loskutkin (Benoit), Vladimir Ognev (Alcindoro).

The conductor is Petr Belyakin. The new staging by Alexey Stepanyuk.