Alexey Zelenkov: Pagliacci makes me feel elated

June 17, 2017

20 June

will be the last time the Pagliacci are staged at NOVAT in this season. In this performance Tonio will be played by a baritone Alexey Zelenkov, who was pretty busy during this season. While participating in the fourth season of The Big Opera project on Culture TV channel the singer has added some parts to his repertoire, such as Tomsky in Tchaikovskys The Queen of Spades, Renato in Verdis Un Ballo in Maschera, and the most significant role Tonio in Rudgero Leoncavallos opera. Moreover, Alexey Zelenkovs is specially anticipated to debut in the next season as Marcello in Puccinis La Boheme.

- Alexey, the audience has noticed that the previous season had become very busy for you. Do you think so?

- I must admit, Ive never worked so hard like in this season. But Im happy to be that busy. I used to tell my friends I want to lose myself in work and in this season I had this opportunity. The people working at the theatre, we are all very lucky, because we do an interesting job, it makes us feel good; although you may get really tired sometimes.

- Can you say that this season started for you with The Big Opera on Culture TV channel?

- At first I didnt want to take part in it. I thought at that time that any competition is a lottery with very small chance to win. Then I made up my mind, for Ive considered that would be an interesting experience. And I had it, especially the working on camera skill, which I had none. However, after the show ended, things started happening. I got the jobs, one after another: Renato in Un Ballo in Maschera, Scarpia in Tosca, Tonio in Pagliacci.

- But the first was your spectacular dance debut as Tomsky in Vyacheslav Starodubtsevs The Queen of Spades. The Game.

- By that moment I already knew Tomskys part and got in the game pretty fast. I must admit I like the Gambling scene, and my rakish dance fitted it nicely. I am convinced we will need this type of dance to describe the nature of Russian carouse. Im happy to get applause for my dance, not just the singing. Actually I like to surprise the audience.

- What are the your most successful works in this season, in your opinion?

- I think its up to the audience and the colleagues. As an actor I like more Tomsky; concerning vocal, its Tonio from Pagliacci. I felt so elated while working on Leoncavallos opera. I assume it happened because of Irkin Gabitov, who managed to fill us with the right emotions. The hardest part to sing for the present moment is Renato from Un Ballo in Maschera. Upon that, I feel I will be able to perform it much better.

- Have you noticed how you personally changed during the season, how your voice changed?

- I notice that and rejoice quietly. It seems like my voice and my vocal technique upgrade themselves. But here we must admit that the soloists of our opera company are lucky we were visited by very good coaches, such as Paolo di Napoli, Neil Shicoff. After their classes you start to think in a different way, understanding the techniques of the great singers.

- Im glad that our theatre now has people like the conductor Dmitry Yurovsky, the director Slava Starodubtsev. I was so happy to work with such directing masterminds as Irkin Gabitov and Alexey Stepanyuk, who knows perfectly the classic music material. Each of them has his own way to work with the artists, but their expression is catching.

- Are you preparing something for the new season already?

- Yes, we have started working on Donizettis opera Love potion (Lelisir damore). In this comic opera of Belcanto times I will play the part of sergeant Belcore, which is to be sung a bit not like I used to do it before.

The next Pagliacci performance featuring Alexey Zelenkov will take place 20 June. Tickets are available on the website and at the theatre box ofiice.