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Masterpieces of Russian romance
Masterpieces of Russian romance
Masterpieces of Russian romance
Masterpieces of Russian romance

Bastien & Bastienne

one-act opera (singspiel)
music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Original libretto by Friedrich Wilhelm Weiskern
Russian version of the libretto of the singspiel in one act (second revision) by Yury Dimitrin
Stage Direction: Rēzija Kalniņa
Video and Technical Assistance: Alexander Denisov and Video-Data Company

50 minutes

performed in Russian

Première of the production: 21 December 2013

Bastien und Bastienne was composed by Mozart, when he was only twelve years old. Its libretto was, in a way, a parody of the opera Le devin du village, popular at the time. The singspiel was commissioned by the rich physician Dr. Franz Mesmer and received its premiere in his estate in Vienna in 1768. It seems that it didnt enjoy success and it was revived only 100 years later in Berlin. Singspiel is a form of German and Austrian comic opera with obligatory spoken dialogues; speech of the characters is full of colloquialisms.

Rēzija Kalniņa, Stage Director: We would like to see how Mozarts characters would behave in todays realia, in our time of global communication, in the Internet era. Today in just one click we can find ourselves in Australia, and in Latvia in a moment; we can make friends everywhere  or more than just friends. But it doesnt mean that we became more sincere in uttering our feelings. It will be a hilarious production, in which we would like to show  with a humorous undertone  a problem that today, it seems, crosses the borders. Virtual reality is not any more conceived by our main characters as a virtual one, it turns into real life. And if something goes wrong, probably, in that case we might see each other?

Stage Directors version: Bastien @shepherd and Bastienne @shepherdess are in love, they meet at the dating website meadow.be. Bsatien is busy with his computer games and is offline for a long time. Bastienne is upset: he beloved has forgotten her and doesnt go online. Colas @quack, the seller of the Internet shop Shop.liar, is online. He suggests that Bastienne should order from him a magic potion that will cure her love pain. Meanwhile, Bastien, who lost all his virtual battles, goes online and the girl in order to tease her beloved goes offline. Colas explains Bastien, that Bastienne has a lot of admirers online and offers him a magic potion to cure Bastiens jealousy. Bastienne is online at meadow.be. The lovers sort out their relationship, and wish each other well with other partners, but... suddenly the electricity goes off. Its only then that the virtual lovers understand that they have been sitting next to each other.